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As Americans we have had the privilege to witness the greatest political story ever told. President Trump's Make America Great Campaign is a story that will be talked about, written about and argued about into the far future. Make Nevada Red has a unique opportunity to make history by electing great Nevadans who share Conservative values. You can be a part of making the place you love a better community for the future of our children.

Make Nevada Red is a Political Action Committee created to get Republicans elected to local State offices and Congress. Our unique groundbreaking campaign was born from the political dilemma caused by the Covid-19 virus. Without the ability to knock on doors and limited money to campaign, Make Nevada Red developed a strategy to overcome these obstacles.

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Virtual Town Hall

Make Nevada Red created a virtual town hall for Republican candidates running for Nevada State Assembly, State Senate, and United States Congress. Every district had it's own unique town hall that reflects the issues of those constituents.


The candidates answered ten questions and had 90 seconds to answer each question. There were no do overs. Once the camera started rolling they never turned off as if it was a live event. This kept the candidates honest and our process transparent. In order to make it easier for the viewer to comprehend, the video was edited to keep the questions and answers together.

How You Can Help

We need people to volunteer and make phone calls. Anyone can read a script and make a phone call from anywhere even your home. State Assembly, State Senate candidates need your help.

It is crucial that we elect Republicans to Carson City because they are directly responsible for what happens in our State.

We are experiencing abuse of power from Governor Sisolak and there is no one to stop him. We need leaders to stand up to him a tell him that this is enough.

Each campaign has a campaign manager and website/ FaceBook page. Call or message and I am sure they can use your help.


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